Our dance training

Unlike in dance schools and the like, the dance practice at TANZAUFTRAG is not only versatile, but also free. The weekly amount of training is at least 6 hours and is partially conducted by the dancers themselves. Also, the dancers partially play a part in the creation of the choreographies, which gives rise to a high degree of self-motivation and joy at dancing.


TANZAUFTRAG has created a certain spirit – dance practice is not only hard work but also a lot of fun and leads to private friendships outside the dance hall. The TANZAUFTRAG team is something special through and through – it comprises about 30 different personalities in a strong, performance-oriented team.

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monika winter photography

Fotocredit der verwendeten professionellen Tanzbilder auf der TANZAUFTRAG Website: monika winter photography und TANZAUFTRAG.



Das Highlight für Ihr Event! - Your Event Highlight - TANZAUFTRAG Light Suits!



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